First Men: Edwin E. “Buzz” Aldrin


Alan Bean’s First Men: Edwin E. “Buzz” Aldrin is the companion work to the previously-released First Men: Neil A. Armstrong. Armstrong’s iconic photo of Aldrin is arguably the most recognized picture ever taken, and this painting is so much more than a photograph. The tools Alan Bean used to explore the Moon now help him to put the Moon’s stamp on each painting he creates. Exact replicas of his Moon boots are used to make footprints across the painting’s surface, reminiscent of the Apollo boot prints remaining on the Moon today. Streaks etched on the painting’s surface are from the same geology hammer he used on the Apollo 12 mission. Finally, a sharp edged bit from one of the core tubes is used to make the circular indentations in the surface. All are captured in stunning detail in each edition.

“I guess every astronaut wanted to be the first man on the Moon. I know I did. And if we couldn’t be the first, we at least wanted to be one of the first. Apollo 11’s crew got the opportunity to make the first attempt. Neil, Buzz and Mike flew a perfect flight and went into the history books; but all 400,000 Americans that helped make Apollo a success are in that history, too.”Alan Bean


Canvas edition of 75. Signed and numbered.

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