Jim Lovell – GT7 Launch 8×10


Gemini 7 lifts off, with Jim Lovell and Frank Borman aboard. They will fly in formation with Gemini 6 for a day, then begin the endurance part of their flight, spending a record two weeks cooped up together in a Volkswagen-sized spacecraft. Quipped Lovell upon their return, ”I’d like to announce our engagement.”


Available only in an 8×10.

Comes with a COA.

Printed on Fuji Crystal Archive paper, as are all our photos. The finest for color and longevity.

Framed with a 3″ patch.


Additional information


Photo Only (8''x10''), Frame F (12''x14''), Frame E (13.5''x18.5''), Frame C (13.5''x18.5'')


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