Gene Cernan – Spacewalk From Hell 8×10


Ed White’s first spacewalk on Gemini 4 went well. But Ed just floated around. The Russian Leonov did the same. But Gene Cernan, making only the second American EVA, was supposed to work and complete a list of tasks.

This was stymied because of inadequate, unrealistic training, no leverage in weightless conditions, a bloated and torn spacesuit, real darkness, and a fogged-up visor. The real hard part (for White, Leonov, and Cernan) was returning to their seats in stiff, bloated spacesuits. Leonov did it alone, while the Americans, in their tiny capsules, had to rely on the two crewmen to close the hatch.

Available in an 8×10 only.

Comes with a COA.

Printed on Fuji Crystal Archive paper, as are all our photos. The finest for color and longevity.

Framed with a 3″ patch.


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Photo Only (8''x10''), Frame F (14''x12''), Frame E (16.5''x15''), Frame C (16.5''x15'')


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